Hoof Trimmer

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Certified Hoof Trimmer Frank van Lierop is specialised in reliable hoof care for cattle.Your cows will receive their pedicure session in modern, animal-friendly trimming boxes.It is important to have the hoofs of your cattle trimmed twice a year to prevent problems.This will increase animal welfare, keep your cattle in good condition, boost your job satisfaction and save money in the long term.Dairy farming is often plagued by foot problems, which are costly to remedy while causing a lot of stress to the animals or even premature removal.

If you want to have your cattle treated, please feel free to contact us for free expert advice.  You can also call us in case of an emergency.After treatment, your cows’ feet are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.And after each treatment, we will evaluate the foot health of the cow concerned and advise you about this.To ensure continued foot health, it is possible to make an appointment for the next treatment upon completing the trimming session.This way, you will lay the basis for optimum operating profits and sustainable entrepreneurship.

In spite of the fact that, especially during the winter period, hoof care has greatly improved over the years, infections are still on the increase.Frank van Lierop, Certified Hoof Trimmer, strives to reduce the medical costs for your assets – your livestock – by up to 30% and to increase animal welfare as well as milk production, resulting in increased operating profits.

Excellent and expert foot care, carried out by a certified hoof trimmer is essential in achieving this.Taking the right approach, you will benefit from the increased foot health of your dairy cattle.By planning a hoof trimming session twice a year, you will be able to save up to 30% in veterinary costs.


Please feel free to contact me for free expert advice or a quotation.